Scavenger Hunt

A HeroScape Scenario Type


The goal of a Scavenger Hunt scenario is to collect all of the glyphs on your list before the other player(s).

Scenarios of the Scavenger Hunt type tend to include at least six glyphs, excluding the Glyph of Kelda.


Before initiative is rolled for the first round, a player draws a certain number of glyphs (typically 4) and writes them down on scratch paper before returning them to the selection pool; the next player then draws. Note that more than one player may have the same glyphs in their list.

All glyphs involved in this scenario are then drawn at random and placed symbol-side up on the battlefield in the positions indicated in the scenario guide.

Whether or not stepping on a glyph activates it is determined by the specific scenario.

Any figure may step onto a glyph, allowing the figure's controlling player to examine the glyph. 

  • If the scenario calls for glyphs to be activated, the glyph is returned to the battlefield power-side up and takes effect normally.
  • If not, the player may return the glyph to the battlefield symbol-side up. The player is not required to tell any other player the nature of the glyph, but may do so at the examining player's discretion.

When a hero moves off of a glyph, and the glyph is on the controlling player's collection list, the controlling player may turn the glyph power-side up and place it on the hero's Army Card. The hero is now considered to be carrying the glyph.

If a figure carrying a glyph is destroyed, all glyphs that figure was carrying are placed in one of the spaces the carrying figure occupied prior to being destroyed. In the case of multi-space figures, the controlling player of the figure determines in which space each glyph is placed.

Victory is determined by the first player or team to collect all of the listed glyphs. "Collect" is defined by the scenario. In some cases, simply having picked up all required glyphs is sufficient. In other cases, the scenario may call for the glyphs to be delivered to a specified location.

A popular variant of this scenario type is the non-combat variant in which no figures may initiate attacks.