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Getting ready for National Heroscape Day at The Game Habitat in Monterey, from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM on October 20th. 


Cold Water Springs and Barrow Hills 1 battlefields are posted on the Battlefields page.


Brochures are out at The Game Habitat in Monterey, advertising the Mini-Tournament on June 9th.

Planning is underway for the Mini-Tournament; the current plan involves running a concurrent four-player scenario and two two-player scenarios, totalling three battlefields in play.

We can accomodate up to 36 players in total, so let us know if you're planning to attend:


Chapter 2 of The Valhallan Art of War is text-complete.  See the Essays page for more information.


Chapter 1 of The Valhallan Art of War is text-complete.  Look for it on the Essays page.


Valr Shandra has created a Mad Scientist/Inventor unit:



Valr Shandra has painted the first figure in the "Princess" series:

Utgar's Princess


Results of Scavenger Hunt test battles are in.  The Scavenger Hunt turns out to be a generally very fluid battle type, with mobility counting much more than combat strength.

The test games were played on very small boards, generally the size of Soulrazor Canyon or smaller, in order that the games be played out faster.

It was clear that most players preferred to move directly to the glyphs, rather than positioning for battle, per se.  Armies with bonding capability were distinctly advantaged, since the bonded hero can move in to pick up glyphs more readily than un-bonded heroes.


Scavenger Hunt scenario type posted in Battlefields.


New Essay posted: Check out "Community of Respect."

Warlords of Valhalla is now live!